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Mexico holds approximately 10% of all plants and animals of the world. Only Brazil and Indonesia hold more species than Mexico. Unfortunately, many plants and animals are endangered with extinction mainly because agriculture, cattle activities, and illegal trade. To protect its biological heritage Mexico has implemented a National System of Protected Areas, covering most ecosystems throughout the country.

With more than 1,700,000 acres, the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve is the second largest protected area in Mexico.

The Friends of Calakmul Inc. a non-profit organization dedicated to saving the endangered habitat of the jaguar in Mexico, is trying to guarantee that privately owned areas within and around the reserve will not be logged by purchasing conservation easements. Their first agreement (August, 2001) with the Ejido of Xcupil-cacab, Mexico placed 160,000 acres of land into a land trust. This is the area that funding from will protect. The agreement places a conservation easement on all land owned by the Ejido, approximately 65,000 hectares of forest land located in the western part of the Buffer Zone of the Calakmul Biosphere Reserve.  The conservation easement restricts the use of the land to conservation only, limiting extraction of any kind.  The land supports a large number of jaguars and thousands of other species.  It is also home to the pyramids of Calakmul, the tallest of the "Mundo Maya."

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